Work Experience at Golden Frog – George Vivian

I very much enjoyed my time working for Golden Frog PR. I have learned so many valuable skills and gained an insight into what life is like behind the doors of a PR firm. The Golden Frog team are such lovely people and made me feel very welcome, I even seemed to get the best desk in the office, although I of course didn’t mention this – I was positioned next to a large window of the office giving me a prime view onto the vibrant Ripon Highstreet.

Towards the beginning of the week, I was submerged straight into office life and began writing a blog for one of the bigger clients, which involved research and gaining an understanding of their marketplace. I also undertook some competitor research, and potential target customer research which will go on to be used by Golden Frog to gain additional work. Moreover, I helped develop a new social media strategy to help make Golden Frog stand out on their social media platforms and diversify their posts.

Towards the end of the week, I finished off the market research tasks and began proof reading and testing a new website, documenting all my findings to help improve it. I also spent more time writing, rewriting and collating blogs for various clients. Although English isn’t my strong point, I very much enjoyed writing these blogs as I was able to find out about interesting yet obscure things! On my last day I also started work on a student engagement campaign to work out how a talk in school could be a success. I used my own knowledge of talks I received in school and made an initial strategy for how this may be carried out.

Overall, I have very much enjoyed my time at Golden Frog PR and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting work experience or for anyone that needs some marketing work doing! They have a very positive attitude to their work and really seem to have a strong connection to all their clients. I was given a lot of responsibility which made my time at Golden Frog even more valuable, as I felt valued and my work will go onto be used by the company.

George Vivian, Ripon Grammar School