Work Experience at Golden Frog – Anna Millions

Throughout my placement at Golden Frog I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of work and responsibility I have been allowed to take on. Upon my arrival on Monday, I was immediately tasked with writing a blog post for one of the company’s biggest clients. I then made a word count document for a newly developed website before adding social media information to a spreadsheet and forging connections with possible clients via twitter.

Tuesday was equally insightful as I was allowed to sit in on an interview for a prospective graphic designer. It was really interesting as it allowed me to understand the job seeking process as well as the complex decision making which goes into recruitment. I then helped to produce blogs using an existing client brochure before being taught all about the different roles performed within Golden Frog.

Wednesday was packed with variety as I shadowed Sarah on a day out of the office. Our first task was to meet with one of the sales directors of Samuel Grant Packaging to discuss their future PR strategies. We then drove to Sheffield to attend a round table event on the importance of protecting the environment and the urgent need to reduce the carbon emissions produced by manufacturers. This was interesting as it was a topic that I wasn’t very aware of. Following this, we set up the Samuel Grant stand at the Made in Yorkshire exhibition.

Bright and early on Thursday morning we ventured down to Leeds to attend the exhibition. I was able to interact with many interesting people from a variety of companies and learnt a lot about the different careers available within the manufacturing industry. Later that morning, we attended an insightful debate on the uncertainty of Brexit. It highlighted many major issues such as the lack of girls choosing to enter STEM related careers and the steps which need to be taken to create a more gender balanced industry.

On Friday morning Meg and I attended a meeting with Hydroblast to discuss the addition of an online shop. We chose the products that would be available and selected images to add to the site.

My time at Golden frog has been very valuable. I have learnt so much in such a small space of time and have developed a better understanding of the vital role PR has to play in every type of business. The placement has made me consider a career in the marketing industry even more strongly than before. The team have been lovely and really generous with their time and patience. I would recommend the company to everyone and really hope to stay in touch with them in the future.

Anna Millions, Ripon Grammar School