Why you need Google My Business

Google My Business may be something you haven’t heard about but it can be imperative to businesses effectively reaching their local audience.

Google My Business, formally Google Places, is a listing which contains information on your business including your address, contact details, business type, hours, payment options and more. You’ve probably seen these listings yourself, and perhaps even used the ‘call’ or ‘directions’ call to actions whilst searching.

Most businesses can claim their free Google My Business listing within minutes. Even if you only use it for basic information purposes, it is absolutely worth doing as it can be what gets your business at the top of the local search results.


You should, however, make sure to check your GMB listing often, as edits can be suggested by users, and yes, that includes competitors, and without having to ask your permission to do so. That means that if you set your business type to ‘Pizzeria’, someone could change it to ‘Retail’, therefore, causing you to potentially disappear from users searching for delicious pizza!

Most of the time, you won’t even be notified of these changes. Don’t worry if something does get changed, you can reverse any edits which are made without your authorisation. If you find yourself unsure on how to do this, just give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.

Google My Business isn’t just a listing either. You can use it to post messages to potential customers, just like you would on Social Media.

You can add images and emojis to a post to really stand out. This is a great way of showing special offers and discounts you may be currently running, announcing important business information such as open and closing times throughout seasonal months, or special events you may have coming up which you want to promote. Don’t forget to keep this updated – out of date information never looks good!


Google My Business also features direct messaging, question and answers and of course, reviews.

It’s important to keep checking for new reviews and even more so to respond to every review, regardless of whether it is good or bad. This shows potential customers that you are willing to rectify their issue, but also the reviewer that you appreciate their feedback.


Should you need any help with your Google My Business account, just give our team a call or contact us to find out more.