Why You Don’t Need Every Social Media

It’s a common question we are posed with, “So do we need Instagram/ and Twitter/ and Facebook then?”

The answer 9/10 is no.

The key to great social media marketing is choosing the right platform(s), producing engaging content and being consistent.

Wasting internal resource or agency time managing the wrong social media is not only extremely time consuming, but costly. It’s crucial to really evaluate whether the platforms you think your business needs, are really the ones that are going to produce results. If you’re unsure, ask your agency. Don’t have one? We can help!

So which social media platforms are best for me?

If you’re a b2b company and your goal is to increase leads, realistically, you’ll find LinkedIn more beneficial. You can create connections with potential companies, as well as maintain relationships with current clients, keeping them up to date with offers, or new products and services. Ideally, your sales and customer service staff will have LinkedIn profiles that can be used to share company updates to their connections.

If you’re a nail salon and want to increase your bookings, Instagram and Facebook will be best for you, as they showcase images and visual media brilliantly.

On Instagram in particular, your work can be found by those already interested in nail artistry through the use of hashtags. The #nailsofinstagram hashtag, at the current time of writing this blog, is currently at 9,053,853 posts.

Not forgetting that most social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook offer advertising.

You can ‘boost’ your post to reach an audience that your posts and pages don’t currently reach organically. For example, you could run a special offer for a limited time and advertise to those within 20 miles of your salon. You could advertise to just women, or people of a certain age if you know your demographic. The options are fantastic, and are of a low cost.



Social media is, without a doubt, key to brand awareness. Although it may seem like you need to be everywhere to be seen, it’s best to focus your efforts. If you’re uncertain how to get started, which platforms are going to work for you, and how you can achieve your business goals, just give us a call.