Why engage a professional graphic designer

Many moons ago (nearly nine years to be precise), when Golden Frog was nothing more than a tea time idea and the business was less than fledgling, I decided my first move was to get a logo. I looked around, at companies like five squids and fiverrr, where ‘graphic designers’ were offering professional logos for £5. I’ll admit it was tempting. Driven to set up the company following redundancy, cash wasn’t exactly plentiful at the time.

So, I commissioned one. The result was hideous. A combination of word art and the use of paintbrush. Definitely not something I could feel confident showing anyone, and if I’m honest, my nine month old son could probably have done better with the remnants of his dinner. £5 well wasted, lesson learnt.

So, I spoke to a friend of mine, Sam Rios, a highly talented designer (creativerios.com) and asked if he would help. Over a pizza I explained my thoughts. I explained the reason for the company’s choice of name, and how we should represent a waving frog. I honestly told him (I don’t think he was judging) that I literally had no idea about fonts, apart from a hatred of comic sans, and off he went.

A few days later, he returned. He’d done it, created my logo as it stands right now. No changes, no tweaks, no criticisms. I wrote my first ever company cheque for £300. It seemed a lot, despite knowing that he had done me a big favour by charging so little.

Nearly nine years on, I’m proud of the business and where it has got to. My logo is on signs outside my office, all over everything. I use the font that Sam suggested, which has stood the test of time and new equipment. I’ve never yet felt the need to update or renew.

Learning by example and then setting my own is something I’ve always planned to do in business. Hiring a professional graphic designer is always worth the money. I’m now lucky to have my own in-house designer, Kirsty, who translates the requirements of our clients as Sam translated the depths of my mind all that time ago.

Starting a business with a professional set of brand guidelines, including logos, colours and fonts, sets the tone for its communications moving forward, and is money well spent. A defined brand allows for consistency, and investing in a professional saves a lot of money, confusion and hassle in the long run.

At Golden Frog we will advise on branding, and also on rebranding, using the process to modernise businesses and give them a new identity which stands the test of time and trends. We will also happily work to pre-determined brand guidelines to design new collateral and marketing materials.

We’re confident that the process offers value for money and longevity. For more information and to discuss your specific needs, contact us.