What Makes an Effective Website?

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Websites have developed quickly over the past few years. A website that’s not easy to navigate and is clogged with unnecessary information can cost you a sale. Apart from a quick-loading, responsive and mobile-friendly design, what really makes a good website?websites


This is the first thing a potential customer will notice. If your website is overwhelming, filled with distracting colour palettes that take the attention from your content, chances are, a user will click off. On the contrary, a clean, well-thought-out colour scheme can attract business. Colour can really help set the tone of your business and can help to complement your content.


Using video landing pages has been proven to increase conversion rates. Not only are they an eye-catching way to attract your audience, they are seen to be more informative than text. This is a huge benefit for your business and something industries shouldn’t overlook.

Social linkssocial media
Why have a Facebook business page if no one knows it’s there? It’s a frequent problem we see – a business hasn’t got direct links and their social media efforts are going unnoticed. Best practices suggest that you should make these open a new window, so your users don’t fully exit your webpage.

Blog pages

Current and up to date business news is always an opportunity to create engaging content. Blog pages are a fantastic way to introduce new users to your company history and accolades, and to keep existing users in the loop. They are also a great excuse for a focus on keywords and long tail searches to boost your SEO strategy.

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