We’re not just website designers…

Why would I use you for my website?  

This is a question we get asked a lot, and the main reason is, we’re not just website designers. 

When we meet with a client who is looking for a new website, we work with them to understand the why, for example: 

  • Who is the audience?  
  • Are you aiming for B2B / B2C customers? 
  • Do you have a brand already in place? 
  • What do you want the website to achieve? 
  • Who are your competitors? 

The key thing that differentiates us from other website companies, is we can do everything. When we start to work with a client we’ll do an audit of their brand to ensure it’s consistent, and that this consistency is reflected in their website. If the brand isn’t strongly guided, we will create brand guidelines before we even start. These can then be used as a guide, not only for us, but for anyone else who ever does anything with the brand. We have an in-house graphic designer who does all this work as standard before we even start. 

Once the brand has been established, and the answers to our questions on our website brief builder have all been answered, we then start with a site map. 

Constructed like a family tree, our site maps don’t require you to have all the answers but create a base from which we can discuss further. We don’t add branding, imagery or colours as these can detract from the initial decision-making process. There are usually numerous iterations of the site map before we start. 

Once the site map has been approved, we move into design. We create a flat design in a pdf, which allows you a visual representation of the site, so this can be tweaked as many times as you like before we move to development. 

With the site map and the preliminary designs signed off, we move to development. As our own developer creates the site on a demo platform, we work hard to ensure that graphics and copy are exactly what are needed to make the site work best for you. Before we start on the copy, we ask you to suggest key words or phrases which you would like to rank for on the search engines. We then research these words and phrases, to see exactly which receive the largest volume of searches. There is, after all, no point optimising words and phrases that no one is looking for! 

Armed with a full set of keywords, our copywriters get to work to write copy that incorporates the words and phrases that allow you to be found. In the back end of the website, we use SEO plugins that allow us to tag content and imagery with the correct search terms. 

In conjunction with creating the website, we can create social media platforms to link from it. We’ll use the brand guidelines to create these, so that visitors to the site who leave it to visit you on social media, get the same branded experience when they arrive. 

What we create is not just a fully optimised pretty website. We use your new website as a catalyst for a full marketing plan. We provide brand guidelines to futureproof the consistency of your brand. We create a site that works for you to do exactly what you want it to. We then provide you with a full and detailed guide of how to make changes to your website yourself. We install Google Analytics so you can see exactly how it’s working for you. 

We don’t hold you over a barrel to use us again at all, but if you want to, we have all the understanding of your website and your business to allow us to help you drive the right customers and the right traffic to your door. 

Moreover, this might all sound expensive, but, we’re very cost effective – you’d be surprised at how little this all costs! The question is, can you afford not to? 

To start the journey to your new website, complete our form here and one of us will be in touch really soon https://www.goldenfrogpr.co.uk/website-brief-builder/