Website Detox ® – how relevant is yours?

How long is it since you built your website? Do you ever look at it? Really look at it?

We regularly see websites which need detoxing. Historically there was a tendency to throw everything at a website and write as much content as possible in a bid to impress Google. Times have changed, and now less is more, meaning that many websites that were even recently built, are already looking cluttered.

Moreover, if your website doesn’t work properly on a mobile device, it can have a detrimental effect on your Google ranking, actually proving toxic to your business’s reputation.

You might not do much business online, but your competitors will be looking at your website as your shop window. Clients will look at it when you contact them, and potential employees will research your company using it.

The team at Golden Frog can provide a full website analysis from a bird’s eye perspective. We can look at your website through the eyes of a potential client, employee or competitor, and let you know what we would suggest to change (if anything). Our honest appraisal will help you work out what to do next.

Contact us on 01765 605110 or email to organise your no-obligation appraisal.