The Rise of Mobile Retail

The landscape of the retail industry has drastically changed over the last 20 years. From being the sole source of shopping, to playing second fiddle to online retailers, High street shops are not the force they used to be.  The convenience of being able to shop of your mobile phones has led to many High street shops being forced to close.

Now, for the first time ever, the smartphone has overtaken desktop’s share of online sales in the UK, making it the dominant device for shoppers buying online.

According to the latest Capgemini IMRG eRetail quarterly sales index, which is compiled using data from 210 UK retailers, 40% of online sales were completed using a smartphone in the 4th quarter of 2018/19.

This is seen as a major milestone as the smartphone has beaten out it’s top two competitors, the desktop and tablet, for the first time in history. There are many reasons for why this might be the case, but the simple fact that mobiles are a lot more accessible than the others is the most obvious answer.

With a smartphone, online retailers are available at the touch of a button, whilst their exposure continues to dramatically rise due to the increase of social media advertising. This means that even when users aren’t actively looking to shop online, they may find their way onto retailer’s websites having seen the adverts when browsing on Instagram or Facebook, for example.


What’s changed?


It’s a new era for social advertising, as adverts can be targeted to different groups depending on the product that you’re attempting to push. This hugely increases the click-through-rate and conversions social ads can have.

I mean, if you’re advertising an all-inclusive family holiday to people under 45 with children, you’re bound to get more success, aren’t you?

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