The Frogs are on Fire

It’s been a bumper couple of months here at Golden Frog, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The 15th October saw us head to Sheffield to see Samuel Grant Packaging be presented their Queen’s Award for Innovation in honour of their Samson Nano. Writing 25,000 words about pallet wrapping for their entry was no mean feat, but it was amazing to see all the work come to fruition, and see the pride in their team of receiving such a prestigious award.

We continue to work with the International Fibres Group to align their international companies and create a global marketing campaign. We are working with their US division to implement a social media strategy, and their Austrian and Belgian counterparts are having new websites constructed as I type.

We are loving working with the Sporting Memories Foundation – their impact on the communities in which they work is inspirational, and we’re fully aware that they are only just scratching the surface of the difference they could make to adults living with dementia, depression and loneliness.

The rebrand of Ellis Bates Financial Advisers is now complete – we are now working with them on their digital marketing strategies, ensuring regularly updated social media and content creation for their website, running their (so far highly successful) AdWord campaigns, as well as talking through the creation of a structured referral scheme for their advisers nationwide.

In addition, we are developing the branding for an exciting start up, bringing a fabric merchant into the 21st century of communication, and revamping the marketing for Tommy Tou, one of our oldest clients, for whom re run a cosy Christmas campaign every year. Watch this space for more about these.

Last but not least, we welcomed our first man to the team – Sam Jones joined us as Sales Coordinator and brings a new dimension to the Golden Frog Office – he’s celebrating the end of his first month and is already forging strong relationships with our suppliers, team and clients.