The Danger of Silence

We work with a lot of companies from a huge range of diverse backgrounds. They all have something in common when we start work with them – they aren’t speaking enough. Usually companies have a very clear view of what they want to achieve, but their challenge is working out how to get there. In our view (we would say this!) the key is more effective communication.

One of Golden Frog’s key attributes is to make clients stand out in a noisy world. And boy is it noisy! A company that has been established for a century can quickly be overlooked in the stead of a noisy brand which is telling its story on a daily basis. They may be doing this in a variety of ways, but the common denominator is content.

Ambitious brands and companies understand that content is king. They put content out on a variety of platforms with alarming regularity. To some, this may seem overkill, but to their ‘not quite there yet’ customer, who sees their name daily, whether interacting with it or not, they are forefront of their minds when they do come to making a purchasing decision.

If a company is silent, then they can easily get lost. We help our customers to tell their stories across as many channels as possible, so that they are at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. Creating content when you’re as close to your business as owners and operators are, can be a challenge, but it’s the daily grind and the daily ‘business as usual’ that needs to be communicated. By telling this story, brands show they know what they’re doing, and by showing they know what they are doing, they ensure a presence in peoples’ minds. And that makes them buy!

Using a third party to spot content opportunities adds significant value to companies. Not only do they not have to worry about the content creation, they also don’t miss opportunities for shouting about their expertise and passion when they’re caught up in the daily grind. And we’re more than happy to help!