Sporting Memories – a new client, and an amazing cause

We have all been affected in some way by dementia, loneliness or depression. Whether ourselves, a relation, or someone we know, these three issues are everywhere to be seen in society.

Creating a positive environment for people living with dementia is a challenge. Often it’s hidden away, with the carers and close family coping with family members who succumb as the condition takes its toll. It can be lonely, not only for the sufferers themselves, but also for those around them.

The Sporting Memories Foundation, Golden Frog’s newest client, is here to challenge dementia head on. It has been proven through a variety of studies, that sport can evoke powerful feelings and memories within people even in the harshest grip of advanced dementia.

Sporting Memories now has over 100 groups around the UK, and interest in the charity is growing by the day. Volunteer-run groups invite community members to attend sessions, which unlock sporting reminiscence to bring people back, and unite generations in their passion for sport.

The power of the groups is amazing – sometimes people who have become non-verbal come back, their sporting memories evoking such powerful feelings that they return to themselves, even if just for a short time. They remember where they were at that specific time, and alongside that, a whole host of additional memories relating to their sporting history. Carers are united and meet those in the same position, with the groups creating firm friendships and support networks.

In addition, the Sporting Memories Foundation is getting people to return to physical activity, organising seated and walking sporting events and challenges all over the country.

Golden Frog is delighted to be helping to raise the profile of this amazing cause through social media. To see more about the charity and what they’re up to, follow them on Facebook.