Soul searching and team building – managing change through workshops and staff engagement

Rebranding a business is tough. It’s tough to work out where the brand should be going, and it can be challenging to convince internal staff that the process is worthwhile. Any level of change within a company needs to be handled carefully. Internal public relations are as important as external ones, and having the buy-in from the team for any level of change is key to the correct portrayal of any alteration moving forward.

We wrote last month about the power of starting from scratch, and how we had planned to go about the process with an already established company. Six weeks later, how did we do?

The process is still ongoing. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are however getting there! We started the process by creating and distributing a survey around the company. We wanted to know what staff thought about the brand, and the business as a whole. We were looking to drill down beneath the surface to find out how involved the staff were in the company’s image, and also asking the huge question ‘do they care?’!

Fortunately, the outcome of the survey not only showed a good response rate (77% overall which can’t be sniffed at), it also showed that there was passion within the business from the staff for seeing it succeed and move forward in a sustainable and professional way. It also showed huge gaps in their understanding. One interesting question surrounded the company’s font. Did they know that the company had a corporate font? Did they use it? Did they know what it was? 50% of them knew there was a company font. Of those who knew, just under 50% used it in all their communications. Of those 50%, only 2% actually knew what it was! So they were trying, but not quite hitting the mark.

Following the survey we requested some volunteers from the company to take part in some workshops. These allowed us to question further and drill down into what makes the company tick. The Golden Frog team spent two days with the staff, questioning and writing until our arms ached. Reams and reams of notes and scribbles later, we were ready to undertake phase one of the feedback.

We went to see the Managing Director of the business, who understandably had a lot of questions about the process to date and the next steps. It’s not always easy to hear feedback from strangers about the business and how it should progress, and any meetings like this are a challenge. Two hours later, we hopefully have his buy-in.

The next steps? To suggest some branding changes. Not huge changes, but using the common denominators from the staff survey and the subsequent workshops to create a company message, image and plan. The buy-in from the staff is already there because the ideas are theirs, it’s our job to get the answers out of them, and communicate them in a way that make sense to everyone. We need to streamline their brand and make their messages and communications consistent. Easy right?

Golden Frog’s role now is to create a visual representation of the brand image, brand guidelines and our suggestions for a marketing strategy for the company. They’re not small, and have ambitious growth plans, so our work will be key to their success. No pressure – we present it in a couple of weeks. More on this story to follow……