Social Detox ® – how useful is your social media?

Many businesses have multiple social media channels – as more have been added to the market over the years many companies have followed the herd and added them to their portfolio. How many does your business have? How many do you use yourself? How often do you update them? Are your staff, customers and prospects engaged?

Conducting a detox of your social media presence and channels can save a huge amount of time, money and potentially embarrassment. You wouldn’t be surprised at the amount of clients we have whose employees had them working for the wrong company on LinkedIn for example. Or companies that set up a Twitter profile because they thought they should, and haven’t tweeted since 2015.

The team at Golden Frog can not only advise on improving existing social media channels, but can also suggest ways to streamline social media presence. It is after all far better to do one channel correctly as opposed to half-heartedly doing five. We can help train your staff to ensure that they are engaged in what you’re doing too, and are encouraged to come up with content. We can even then manage everything for you in a cost and time-effective way.

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