Should my brand be on Snapchat?

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media app where users send photos and videos called Snaps that disappear after 10 seconds. It uses video, text and photo, alongside quirky features such as filters, stickers and doodles, to engage users, and like with most social media platforms, adverts and sponsored content features have been introduced, meaning that some brands are tuning into the business benefits.

Who uses Snapchat?

It’s reported that 71% of Snapchat users are aged 34 and under, showing great potential for brands to reach a younger age demographic, however, with such a heavy focus on millennials, the target market for some businesses may fall through.

Snapchat for business is all about storytelling – a key aim for social media marketing.

Photos and videos are great for engaging and interacting with customers and showing them a new ‘behind the scenes’ side of the company, allowing them to form a more personal connection with your brand. However, using Snapchat for business will require a big leap in terms of content planning and user engagement, and will require a new way of thinking for those creating and putting the plan in place.

Obviously, a major area for Snapchat for business is their paid ads, lenses and sponsored filters. You just need to read some of the success stories to see the huge impact that Snapchat ads can have on a brand, but to also realise how huge their budgets must be. It’s competing with brands such as Adidas, Michael Kors and PlayStation, meaning that for the average business, paid advertising on the platform may not be plausible.

There’s nothing stopping your brand from securing a username and account, whilst keeping an eye on user demographics, but currently the platform is heavily focused on a limited demographic, with paid ads for brands with huge budgets.

Paid social media campaigns can be hugely successful for a range of businesses. If you’re interested in social media management or need some help with creating paid social campaigns, get in touch with the Golden Frog team.