From the very basics of creating a logo and colour scheme, to developing fonts and brand guidelines, websites, printed collateral and advertising, we can help with all aspects of branding.

We have worked with companies from their start-up phase, right through to rebranding huge corporate organisations. With our own in-house graphic designer, and contributions from our digital and PR team, we can ensure to create and sustain quality branding that works well across all platforms and in all media. 

Branding requires getting under the skin of a company, understanding its desires and ambitions, and its target market. We do this with a series of consultations, prior to embarking on any design work. We then help companies create a futureproof suite of graphics and instructions for both language and visuals that mean any brand is strongly upheld and continues to represent the company, sometimes long after we have been involved.

Our branding services include:

Consultancy, branding workshops, staff engagement events, graphic design, marketing advice, consultancy, digital branding.