January 11, 2012


The world of PR and Marketing has changed significantly since the business started in 2010, and the lines between the two have blurred. We cover all aspects of communication for SMEs across a variety of industries.

Marketinmarketing communicationg Communications

Having a consistent voice and image across all business communications is key to maintaining a strong brand. We look at all aspects of business’ marketing to ensure brand consistency. If there are brand guidelines in place, we make sure that these are adhered to. If there aren’t, we create them for future use. We help companies to brand and re-brand, produce marketing materials and websites, as well as maintain communication with their audience through social media, blogs, advertising, events, awards and press coverage.

Inbound marketinginbound marketing

Any communication created by a company needs to be placed in numerous positions both on and offline to be of maximum use. We ensure that any marketing/PR that we create is well-placed for maximum exposure. Ultimately the goal of inbound marketing is to increase visits to a client’s business or website, with a view to increasing their visibility and client base.

press liaisonPress liaison

We act as the go-between for our clients between them and the press. We have good relationships with journalists in a huge range of fields, and multiple databases which we can utilise to raise clients’ profile within the press. Clients tend to pass press enquiries on to us, whether they be for editorial or advertising, and we handle these queries professionally. We will happily negotiate advertising and editorial placements for our clients, and write/design the content accordingly, whilst ensuring that we always hit deadlines.


We design, build and manage websites for our clients, as well as managing their ongoing content creation, links and SEO.

We also retrospectively assess clients’ existing websites, and suggest and make changes which improve their visibility on search engines, whilst ensuring that their brand values are maintained and upheld.


Entering and winning awards is an excellent way to raise a business’ profile. We are experts in writing entries for awards, and have had significant success for our clients. We also help advise clients on how to make the most of accolades they gather, and keep track of deadlines and forthcoming entry openings, so our clients don’t have to.


social media

Social media

We set up and manage various social media accounts for our clients, which although a valuable part of a business, can be time-consuming and daunting. We are experienced in managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, and are accustomed to producing content which reflects each platforms tone.

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