New Year’s Resolutions for your Marketing

While many people will be setting the same personal New Year’s resolutions as they did last year, and the year before that… have you made any resolutions for your business?

Your marketing in particular can become very stale, and with the industry changing more rapidly than any other, your resolution to keep on top of it all might be daunting enough in itself. Here’s our handy guide of things you might want to look at in 2020:


Post more on social media

The importance of regular, effective and engaging social media content is something that many businesses overlook. Done properly, the opportunity for brand exposure through social  media is huge, and very cost effective. Posting more on social media shouldn’t be done just because it’s the “in thing” but instead because your target audience is already out there engaging with other brands. Posting more regularly will allow you to keep up with the competition, as well as being much more engaging to your customer base. Set a calendar each month, and use scheduling tools to help.


Update my website regularly

Updating your website content as often as possible allows it to be considered ‘alive’, by visitors and search engines alike. Regular changes can help increase search traffic and convert visitors into customers. The more site pages with high quality content that talk about your products and services, the more likely you are to show up when people search for those services. Write blogs, and then link to them across your social media, encouraging traffic to the website from different platforms.


Win some business awards

There’s nothing quite like getting recognition for all the work you put into your business, so why not start throwing your hat in the ring and entering more business awards? A lot of publicity can be gained through the process, even if you don’t win everything, and awards help instil trust in prospective customers. It also creates great content to talk about on your website and social media!


Create a new brochure

It’s easy to stick to the same designs and printed content that you’ve been producing for the last few years, but with the speed at which technology and designs are evolving, your brochures can look outdated very quickly. It’s also important to keep all collateral, both on and offline, up to date with the latest company news and product releases.


Time for a re-brand?

 A re-brand can breathe new life into a business, with old brands often giving off the wrong impression. Rebranding isn’t just about redesigning the logo – it can take in every aspect of your business, from your tone of voice, to your advertising and website. Your company and your brand identity should always be closely aligned, so if you discover the two are no longer a good fit, a change is definitely in order.


Does the above seem realistic to you? We all start with good intentions, but sometimes you need a hand – give us a ring to see how we can help.