My Work Experience at a PR Agency – Freddie Crouch

Day 1

I arrived at Golden Frog on Tuesday morning not quite sure what I’d be doing, but very excited for the next three days nonetheless. After meeting everyone I was put straight to work writing some blog posts for their clients, and I soon became an expert on packaging, manufacturing and pallet wrapping… Blog writing is not something that comes naturally to me, but by reading some that Meg had previously written, I learnt a great deal and was successfully (I hope!) able to write some of my own. A lovely lunch in the sun was followed by a meeting between Sarah and Kelly, where pricing strategies were discussed. Deciding on the cost of a service such as marketing was something I was particularly keen to understand, as I had no idea where you would even begin to set a price for such a service. I soon learnt that it is in fact an extremely difficult process, especially when selling time and knowledge rather than a product and there is no easy way to go about it. I think this is definitely a challenge faced by many smaller businesses, and my work experience at Golden Frog has taught me that a lot more thought than expected goes into the fees people pay for services.

Day 2

I couldn’t wait to go back to Golden Frog the next day, as Sarah had some very exciting plans lined up for us. Firstly, I spent a few hours with Meg, the social media assistant, who revealed to me a secret world of analytics that I had no idea even existed. She showed me that for each client, and each social network, you have access to extraordinary amounts of data on the site visitors such as device, gender and age. This enables Golden Frog to constantly adapt their marketing strategy so that it can work best for the business. If customers are consistently clicking off a page within seconds, changes must be made to draw their interest in further, or if peak interaction times are between 5pm and 8pm, an advert can be set up only to appear between these times. I learnt so much from Meg that I didn’t previously know, and it really helped me to understand how much deeper marketing goes beyond an attractive web design. Later that morning I attended a meeting between Sarah and the Sales Director of IFG Drake and learnt not only about the company and their future plans, but also how important the strong relationships between Golden Frog and their customers are.

In the afternoon Sarah and I went back to my old school, to attend a meeting with the Head of Marketing there. It was very strange for me to be sitting in the staff room for the first time ever! After a lengthy discussion on brochures and page gloss, a decision had been made on the design of the new school prospectus. I learnt so much and began to really understand how varied a job in Marketing and PR can be; working with both an International manufacturing company and a small school in North Yorkshire, I learnt how varied the requirements are, and how the team at Golden Frog must cater differently to each of their clients.

Day 3

On my third and final day of work experience, Sarah and I met early, and drove straight to Harrogate ready for the day of filming ahead. We met the videographer there and set up the room for filming. The plan for the day was to interview seven members of staff who work for a firm of Financial Advisers, with Sarah asking them questions about their role and experiences within the company. Some were better on camera than others, but with Sarah’s calming encouragement, we managed to get great interviews from everyone. It was such a fun morning and I loved helping set up the filming, whilst also gaining insight into the world of financial advisers.

I learnt so much more than just marketing and PR from my work experience; the variety of clients they have at Golden Frog gave me insight into manufacturing, education, social media, finance and so many other things allowing me to narrow down what I want to do in the future even further. They were the best three days I could’ve hoped to get out of my work experience placement, I’ve learnt incredible amounts and had so much fun!

Freddie Crouch – Ripon Grammar Sixth Form student. July 2018