Marketing Automation – what does it mean and how can we help?

The term Marketing Automation is being thrown around a lot recently. Once the preserve of large corporations, there are now numerous applications and platforms that allow this to be accessible to businesses at all levels, and it really needn’t be scary. Marketing Automation allows companies to segment their customers depending on their interest, so that they can have a more personalised experience with the company.

Repetitive tasks, such as social media posting and emailing, can be scheduled so that they go out at a specific time to a specific audience. Marketing can be integrated into CRM systems so that specific audiences receive certain offers / promotions at specific times.

Social media scheduling can either be done through platforms themselves (ie Facebook has its own scheduling tool) or through subscription services such as Hootsuite, which allow companies to schedule posts across various platforms at the same time, as well as monitor for interactions. These can either be paid posts (ads) or organic posts which target the current audience.

PPC / Adwords are another example of marketing automation. They can be honed to such specifics that companies can analyse them to ensure that the audiences that are most likely to take action on specific ads, see them at exactly the right time on exactly the right device, in exactly the right location.

Email marketing can be scheduled way in advance, and the analytics that can be produced post-campaign allow companies to evaluate their effectiveness better than ever before. Email marketing platforms can also monitor for unsubscribes, ensuring that companies’ data remains relevant and GDPR compliant. Analytics can also show who has clicked on the calls to action within a campaign, and therefore give more ammunition for future interactions. All of these interactions can be linked into the company CRM system.

Dynamic retargeting is costly but effective. Have you ever noticed how when you search for a holiday online, you suddenly get holiday ads cropping up everywhere in your other applications? This is thanks to company cookies and retargeting, meaning customers are far likely to move forward to buy a product / service, because they have already shown an interest.

At Golden Frog we keep abreast of all the marketing tools available, and help our clients to make the right decisions based on their own specific needs. We can then manage their entire marketing process for them, ensuring that the campaigns are effectively managed, as well as providing the return on investment that everyone is looking for. Why not get in touch to see if we can help?