Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Welcome to 2021! 

Didn’t last year seem to last forever? All businesses faced their challenges and ours was no different, but we came out of it with a strong and dynamic healthy team, and are ready for whatever 2021 throws at us! 

Our focus at the beginning of January is always in a detox, both personal and professional. Whether it’s data, social media, website or branding, we can all do with a little bit of a detox and a tidy up, and the Golden Frog team are here to help. 

Over time, websites can become slow and clunky. How long is it since you properly looked at yours? We saw a client website recently with 278 pages, and an analytic report showed that actually the website was only being visited on 12 of those. So what was the point? We worked with the client to consolidate some pages, remove some out of date ones, and merge content together to create new pieces. All of these steps not only made it easier for their clients to find what they wanted, but actually less is more in terms of SEO, and so our efforts boosted their organic position in the Google rankings as well. The site was brought back to life with a declutter, and now is much easier for us and our clients to manage. 

Similarly, a social media detox can be hugely beneficial, and save everyone a lot of time in 2021. How many still have a link on their websites to a now redundant Google+ for example? How many businesses felt they should be represented on all the social media channels but have since found they are doing two or three platforms just for the sake of it? Or how many have started a social media account and not updated it for three years? This makes you look out of date and can lose client interest. Through our in-depth knowledge of all things social we can help clients to reduce the amount of noise they are trying to make, and increase the validity and worth of the content they do put out, by detoxing their social feeds and only focusing on the ones that have the most impact in their industries. 

Data can very quickly become unwieldy, and with GDPR it can be sometimes easier to delete databases instead of focusing on detoxing them. We can provide resource to conduct a data detox, either through a well-curated email allowing people to automatically unsubscribe, or through a telemarketing campaign, meaning that any communications with your database in 2021 are welcomed and engaged with. 

And finally, how many versions of your brand are there? How many colours, logos, fonts and graphics are you using? It’s amazing how convoluted brands can become over time if they are not reviewed and audited. We can provide the bird’s eye perspective that allows you to see your brand through customers’ eyes. By conducting a full brand audit we can provide clear and distinct brand guidelines to futureproof your brand and ensure it is correctly representing your company in the most consistent way. 

So Happy New Year again! And do contact us if we can help with your 2021 detox.