Grow Your Social Media Organically

Sometimes it can feel no matter how hard you’re trying, your social media following, and engagement is just not going anywhere. Especially with the rise of paid social you feel your posts are getting lost in a sea of sponsored videos, but organic growth takes time and commitment. Here are some basic strategies to begin growing an audience who love your content…

Know your audience

This should be the first step you take no matter what your strategy. With the help of social media insights and google analytics you can now get down to the nitty gritty of your following. This can allow you to tailor your content and have some plan in place for what your targets are.

Quality content

Video is king in the content world, but we don’t need long high-quality videos to be successful. For a lot of digital audiences nowadays, lower-quality, relatable short videos are key for engagement.


Use relevant images in your posts to grab attention and stand out from the crowd. Text-only posts, although have their place, tend to get lost.


Engagement from your current followers is handy, but new exposure can be achieved by using hashtags (in moderation). Add a couple on the end of your posts to reach people who are actually searching for what you’re talking about.

Schedule your posts

Consistency is so important. Sporadically posting for a month, and then leaving the account for another is going to get your posts lost. Plan for the month ahead, schedule your posts, and monitor engagement.

Link your channels

Give your Facebook followers a reason to go follow you on all your other accounts. It’s common to have one platform with higher follower numbers than others, so give them a reason to see what else you can offer.


Interact with your followers, comments, and other businesses. Forming a relationship with other accounts can really help to grow engagement in a ‘you scratch my back’ kind of way – there’s a reason #LikeForLike was so popular.


Growing your audience will take a strategy, time and commitment, so if you’re not feeling confident in growing your following alone, get in touch to see how we can help.