Google Ads – What does success look like?

Answer: Quality over quantity.

If we told you that we reduced the number of clicks on a client’s Google Ads by 93%, we reduced their impressions by 96%, yet increased the cost per click by 1,045%, at first look we’d seem pretty unimpressive, right?

Well that’s what happened when we took over running a Google Ads account and we’re delighted, because with that same client, conversions were increased by 282%, click through rate by 60% and conversions by 5,850%. That’s what success looks like!

When working with any client it’s important to understand their products and services, but it’s just as important to take time to understand their target audience and goals.

The plan

Our plan was to undertake keyword and competitor research to analyse strategy and rethink ad groups which would allow us to create bespoke landing pages and track conversions.

Over seven months we analysed thousands of keywords to find the most pertinent, trialled these, trialled extensions, trialled ad groups, and managed to deliver some hugely impressive results which resulted in an impressive increase of number of conversions for a key area of the business.

Their previous agency threw a larger budget at an exhaustive market where competition is high, and results are minimal. They may have managed to get more clicks and impressions, but these are not valuable to a client who relies on contact form completions. Instead, we honed in on specific keywords and delivered quantifiable results, bringing more customers in through the door.



The best thing?

There’s nowhere to hide – we can prove everything with detailed reports and statistics that are backed up with clients’ own data.

Get in touch

Google Ads can work great for any business, so if you’re considering incorporating paid ads into your marketing strategy, or feel you’re not getting results, get in touch to see how we can transform your PPC.