Golden Frog attends Ripon Grammar School Careers Evening

2018-03-15T15:07:41+00:00March 15th, 2018|

The Golden Frog team were delighted to be invited to the Ripon Grammar School Careers and Higher Education Evening, not only to encourage young people to explore potential career paths, but also for the three past Ripon Grammar students from Golden Frog to return to their old stomping ground.

As a Ripon based PR, Marketing and Sales Company, we knew it would be an ideal event for us to attend. With an aim on the evening to inspire students to explore communications as a rewarding career prospect, we helped guide them on ways to take their first leap into PR and also highlighted that you don’t have to reside in the big city to get involved with both creative and technical projects.

Equipped with a Golden Frog guide on breaking into marketing, a variety of marketing collateral and past work on display, the evening kicked off with a buzz of interested parents and students of all ages. We had the opportunity to help guide Sixth Form Students down their next path by chatting qualifications, skills and preparation, demonstrated to parents that it’s not just all about sitting on Facebook, and even discussed potential GCSE choices (which made us all feel a little old!).

We received a huge amount of enquiries regarding possible work experience placements at Golden Frog, which has made us excited about welcoming possible tadpoles into our pond, and also many questions based on the most valuable qualifications to hold. With Managing Director Sarah, Psychology degree-educated Pip, and NVQ qualified Meg, we were able to present a host of different angles on kick-starting a PR and marketing career, stimulating the conversation about whether a traditional degree is right for everyone.

Overall it was a successful evening, and something we’d definitely attend again now that we’re feeling motivated, with an abundance of potential opportunities for the Golden Frog team.

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