Golden Frog and Samuel Grant Packaging

Golden Frog and Samuel Grant Packaging

It was 2013 when Golden Frog first started working with Samuel Grant Packaging, and it’s fair to say that at the time their marketing and brand was slightly convoluted. They’d never had a marketing department, and the only material they had to promote the company was an aging website and an 80 page brochure, with their reps being the sole point of contact for new clients.

That’s not to say the approach wasn’t working, the company was operating hugely successfully, but with a move to new premises on the horizon, and a need to become more visible to customers and competitors, the decision was made to step up their activities considerably.

The key initial project was to undertake a brand audit. This was a huge challenge, as there had been numerous iterations of the branding that had been tweaked by various staff and designers over the years. When we did finally get it all in a row, there were some large discrepancies in the colours, fonts and appearance. In addition, the company names had been added to over time. The Leeds branch for example, was reflected as Samuel Grant Group (Leeds) Ltd, The complete packaging service.

Of course changing a brand is no mean feat. The company had become known for their bright yellow fleet of lorries, as well as their boxstar icon. They didn’t want a huge change, but did want to update the branding to be more consistent.

We took our time, asking many of the staff, customers and suppliers for their input. Once we realised that actually we just needed to make the brand ‘do what it said on the tin’, it all fell into place. A seemingly simple solution was created to what had initially seemed a complex problem.

When we asked everyone how they referred to the company, they said Samuel Grant Packaging. 

In October 2015 the company relocated to their new premises in Thornes Farm in Leeds, with their new name in lights across the side. All of their stationery and collateral was updated, and the wheels put in motion for a new website.

Warehouse opening day 2015

Concurrently, the company also launched their Samson Nano pallet wrapping solution, set to revolutionise the pallet wrapping industry with its unique fixed price per wrapped pallet costing system, and its unique inbuilt reporting software. This gave us a story to sell into the industry press, raising the profile of the business dramatically, and allowing their reps entry into companies that had previously evaded them. Indeed some of the larger companies started calling them! We developed a full marketing strategy surrounding the Samson Nano, assisted in the build of its new website, and ensured that its branding was in line with the rest of the company. We then, armed with fully branded new collateral, set out to raise their profile through a series of exhibitions, awards and events. A bit of a trial and error exercise to start with, we then honed their exhibition presence down to two or three key events per year, which we are now well known at.

With Samuel Grant having started trading in 1891, 2016 saw the celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the company, and Golden Frog were tasked with organising their celebratory event. Once again we rose to the challenge, organising a series of events and activities over a sunny June weekend based around the Pavilions in Harrogate and staying at the Majestic Hotel. The day time saw us engaging in family-based activities, including fair games, bouncy castle, magician and ice cream van. There was also an inter-branch football match, flowing drinks and a barbecue. There were even some pampering treats for their hard working staff. The evening guests were shipped back to the hotel to get their black tie and gladrags on, before being treated to a formal dinner and speeches, followed by a slightly less formal bucking bronco, casino and disco. All in all a thoroughly great time was had, and there were some well organised sore heads the following morning at the team breakfast! 

The team at the 125th Anniversary celebrations

The pinnacle (so far) of our working with Grants has to be helping them to win their Queen’s Award for Innovation in honour of the Samson Nano. 

We were warned at the outset that the application process was a long one, and having carefully curated everything we could possibly think of in relation to pallet wrapping into 25,000 words, we submitted. Six long months later we were delighted to hear we’d won! The hard work started in earnest then though – the news was embargoed, so we had to carefully plan our related press campaign to ensure that the news of our win didn’t leak before Her Majesty wanted everyone to know! We then worked hard to ensure that the team celebrated in style when the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire came to present the award on behalf of the Queen, organising the presentation event and ensuring that local and industry VIPs were present.

Day to day, we are the outsourced marketing department for Samuel Grant. Everything that needs to be designed with the logo on comes to our team, from fleeces for the warehouse staff, to lorry livery, business cards and promotional gifts, Golden Frog are Samuel Grant’s one stop shop for everything to do with their marketing and communication. 

We organise their printing, photography, videography, company events and exhibitions, and are proud to be an extension of their in house team. 

We maintain their social media, and regularly update their web presence for optimum visibility. 

We are their liaison with the press and with their membership organisations. 

We were delighted to produce their recent annual newsletter which reports a turnover of over £30million for this quickly growing company, who are now the North’s largest packaging distributor. 

Granted this success isn’t all down to improved marketing and PR, but we’d like to think we’ve helped!

For more information about the press work we have done for the company, take a look at their press pack