Does My Website Really Need a Blog?

Having a blog is a content marketing strategy that is overlooked by many. People have the misconception that blogging is just for the beauty, travel and fashion industries, but honestly, any business can make it work, because at Golden Frog we really do write a blog on polypropylene fibres!

Firstly, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of any online marketing material that is intended to inform or stimulate interest in products or services using a long-term marketing strategy. This kind of marketing is strategic and instead of selling your services, you provide knowledgeable and useful content to your audience to help build reputation. This could be in the form of a blog, which provides valuable knowledge.

What is a blog?

Typically, a blog is a conversational style website or webpage run by an individual, however nowadays more corporate businesses are discovering the benefits of producing valuable, informational blog content on their sites.

Top 5 reasons why your website needs a blog:

1. Increased website traffic

Having a blog to link to from social media not only gives you more engaging content to increase your social media activity but increases the chances of clicks throughs to your site. Including links to other pages on your site within the blog is also a great way to increase traffic.

2. Build trust and industry expertise

Writing about a topic that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about is going to help establish you as an industry expert. Producing content that is useful to your target audience is going to help build trust and will help to build future leads, over time, making you known as the ‘go to’.

3. Generate leads

Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy designed to create valuable relationships. Each post is adding to your reputation and building brand awareness. Adding a call-to-action on every post is producing opportunities to generate leads.

4. Improved opportunities to be found

Producing fresh and high-quality blog content on your site is going to improve your chances of being ranked highly search engines as it’s another page indexed. Posting content with keywords, images and links is going to give your pages credibility and frequent posting adds more and more potential chances of high rankings, improving your organic visibility.

5. Long term results

Google loves fresh new content, but also ranks long term posts with substance. Using links in your content, keeping it up to date with SEO, and keeping a consistent posting schedule is going to give you long term results in terms of search engine rankings and credibility.


Taking time to research, create and promote engaging blog posts is going to provide your readers with valuable information and give your website credibility. It’s all about keeping consistent and up to date with trends to over time, generate future leads.

Here at Golden Frog we can provide engaging and stimulating blog content based on literally a few words from our clients. Sometimes the ‘day to day’ might not seem interesting enough to write a blog post, but being slightly removed from clients’ businesses gives us the ability to spot content opportunities amongst pretty much anything! Give our team a call or contact us to find out more.