Data Detox ® – how well do you know your list?

GDPR became the Voldemort of marketing last year, with all of us panicking to ensure that our data was relevant, up to date, opted into and secure. So that was May 2018 – have you been in touch with your list since?

A Data Detox ® from Golden Frog can be as cathartic as giving up the booze. We will go through your database and ring your contacts. Our English team of eloquent professionals will have a chat with them, make sure they remember you, check that they’re happy for you to keep in touch, and whilst they’re at it, see if there are any business requirements you can help with in 2019.

Perhaps this is something on the ever-increasing list that you never get around to. Taking it off your hands saves you time and money, and ensures that your database are kept informed, up to date, and engaged. The question really is, can you afford not to?

To have a chat about how we can help detox your data, contact Sam, or call 01765 605110.