Business Yogic Retreat

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Branding a business is an exciting process – when businesses are starting out there are all sorts of things to consider – who are your customers? What is your product or service? What are your USPs? What’s your favorite colour?

Once a business is established, in order to innovate and move with the times, there is a likelihood that the answers to these important questions will also shift, and yet often brands don’t follow suit to keep up.

Whereas in the 1990s there was a strong love of terracotta and maroon, in both homes and offices, to walk into somewhere now that is decorated in those colours would be probably considered retro by some.

Comic Sans, the font of historical trend, now earmarks a company as well and truly parked in the 1990s. Photographs of staff at work date very quickly – hairstyles, clothing and make up all give away the date, never mind the machinery upon which they are working.

And yet, as we find on a regular basis, rebranding is often considered too lengthy and complicated a process to undertake, sometimes with disastrous impact on businesses.

A rebrand can give a company a new lease of life, and sometimes can create a buzz around a company that might have been lost in the day to day.

We recently took on a client whose company had undergone numerous changes. They had added new strings to their bow in terms of capabilities and had absorbed some smaller companies. The outcome of those introductions were small alterations to the brand. The new divisions all had their own colour code, and yet everyone still answered the phone in the same way as before. Letterheads and the website all reflected different stories. There wasn’t one voice for the company, and whereas there had been some internal alterations, the external view of the company was becoming more convoluted as a result, as opposed to reflecting the newly-gained skill and expertise.

The decision to take on a new branding project didn’t come lightly, but with the decision has come some exciting plans. Our mission now is to help them ‘find themselves’. Almost like a yogic meditation retreat for business, the rebrand process allows companies to re-evaluate who they are, what they do, and why they do it, alongside what makes them amazing. We have some employee workshops planned – these will allow staff to be involved in the process, therefore resulting in a softer transition when changes are implemented. Following that, we will create missions, values and vision statements, which staff can relate to, and can create a culture of unity within the company. All of this is before we’ve discussed our favourite colours and fonts.

Branding creates identity. If we don’t still have the same profile picture as we had in 2010, why do we still have the same logo?

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