Are Instagram right to hide likes?

  • Picture of instagram with 22 likes

Would Instagram be a nicer place without knowing how many likes other users’ posts got? We could be about to find out as Instagram officially started trialling the feature at the start of May.  

As Mental Health Awareness Week passes us by for another year, the negative effects of social media and the pressure it can put on people have never been more in the open. In a world where success can be defined by the amount of likes an Instagram post, this is a step in the right direction to avoid people getting too tied up on their like count. 

With so many influencers dominating Instagram at the moment, showing off lives which on the surface look perfect, it can be difficult for the younger generation to see and compare themselves to such people. That’s why hiding likes is an important step to reducing the harm the social network can have on people, as it won’t only decrease the amount of comparisons people make to celebrities, but also their peers. 

Although, having said that, the influencer marketplace is something which provides a fantastic marketing tool for big companies, as a sponsored post could reach millions of people at the touch of a button. This change means that they will have to get slightly smarter with who they trust to promote their products, because it’s no longer as easy as looking at a like count to see how many interactions they may receive. 

Do you think Instagram should roll this update out the rest of the world? Let us know!

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