All about User-Generated Content

What is UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is any content that has been created and posted by an unpaid user. Whether it be a photo, video, text, audio or a testimonial, content that promotes the brand, which is posted by customer or fan, and not the brand itself, will fall under the UGC category.

Examples of UGC campaigns

It may sound like just another buzzword, but UGC campaigns have been proved successful in many forms.

The one that always springs to our minds is Coca Cola’s Share a Coke.

When Coca-Cola released their personalised bottles, they kickstarted a UGC campaign which worked seamlessly to promote their drink, with the consumer turning into the advertiser.

3 benefits of UGC

It’s cost-effective

Getting your customers to shout about how great your brand is will obviously be a lot cheaper than running a prime-time TV ad. Not to mention the authenticity, and cost savings, when comparing to influencer marketing.

Creates a sense of community

Customers engaging with your campaign are going to feel like a part of your business community if they are interacting with like-minded customers and are seeing a response from their posts.

Understand your audience more

Running a UGC campaign puts the customer at the front, which means that you’re getting to see just how diverse your audience is. Such campaigns often encourage users who wouldn’t usually interact with your social media to actively engage with posts, and share their own content, potentially uncovering an audience you didn’t know you had.


Overall, UGC can be a very cost-effective approach to raising brand awareness and selling a new product. Whether you have a loyal fan base who shout about you daily or have a few followers who respond to your posts, consider UGC as your next marketing campaign.