A day in the life of a Golden Frog graphic designer…

The day beings with a strong coffee and a quick check in with my colleagues to see what’s on today’s radar.  You could never describe a ‘typical day’ in a life as a graphic designer, because every day is different. And that’s why I love it.

But let’s use today as an example. We are working with some really interesting local and national companies. I check my emails to get feedback from yesterday’s projects, and see if I have any new work requests coming in.

Client feedback is so essential, as is the relationships with the client. Design can be very objective, and personal, so it is crucial I work closely with each customer to achieve the best design possible. Here at Golden Frog, we adapt a personable and inclusive working environment for our clients, so any feedback, good or bad, is welcomed.

The type of graphic design I work on throughout my day is varied. It can be anything from business cards, websites, desk pads or even blog writing. But to sum up a graphic designer’s role, it is to create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire clients, inform, or captivate the end users.

Once I have caught up on emails I carry on with today’s tasks. We are currently updating business cards for a client so I am finalising a design to send over and get written confirmation. It is crucial that we get the clients approval before anything is sent to the printers. Once everyone is happy, it’s good to go.

We have a really close-knit team at Golden Frog. Everyone is involved in the design of something and are experts in getting your message across. From the text on screen through to the placement of logos, it is my job to pull it all together to get the finished article that everyone is happy with.

By the end of the day, I often have an array of software and projects open. It’s a good time to reflect on what’s been going on throughout the day and make a to do list of what’s coming up tomorrow. Like I say, every day is different here, which makes my role both exciting and varied.

But as with every job, once the working day is over, it’s time to head home and reflect on what’s been achieved. Sometimes it can be challenging working to quick deadlines and unusual requests. But it is definitely always creative and rewarding at Golden Frog. And who says you can’t unwind with a glass of wine mid-week to keep the creative juices flowing – it’s a fundamental part of the graphic designer’s day.