2017 – The Year of the Frog

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What a year it has been for the Golden Frog team!

As usual, 2017 started with a bang – we often find that people have been thinking about their branding and marketing over the Christmas period, and unlike other industries, we see January as one of our busiest months. This year was no different, with James Brown Catering wishing to rebrand, and a range companies enlisting our help to orchestrate their launch.

We were delighted with the outcome of James Brown’s rebrand to Nomad Catering. We helped him not only to devise the name, logo, branding and messages, but also to create a new website to display his amazing catering in a better light. To top it all off, we created him a corporate video, the best way to illustrate his skill, and echoed all the branding across his social media platforms. The creation of succinct and easy to follow brand guidelines allowed James to then instruct another agency to create his brochure, which can be seen adorning many a foodie bride-to-be’s coffee table.

The early part of the year also saw us take our first leap into the world of tribal tattooing. Our favourite Maori, Te Rangitu Netana, instructed Golden Frog in the creation of his new website, as well as in making a video to talk about his skill and his culture. It was highly important that we were sensitive to the cultural ramifications of his trade, and were very careful in all the messages we communicated. The impact of the video was enormous, and organically reached over 250,000 people on Facebook alone, touching a nerve with not only tattoo enthusiasts, but also his tribespeople back home in New Zealand.

Continuing our ongoing work as the fully outsourced Sales, Marketing and PR department for Samuel Grant Packaging has seen us take the company through some new product launches, numerous award applications, social media maintenance, press liaison, cold-call appointment setting, brochure creation, brand policing, corporate gift creation and general business development. Their sister company, Marmax Products, subsequently hired our team to cover their Marketing Manager’s maternity leave, seeing us do most of the same tasks for them – we’ve done a great job of hitting the ground running with this, and hopefully Kate’s return to work won’t be too arduous as a result!

We were delighted to help Webanywhere with their blog – copywriting for clients really helps us to get under their skin, and we were able to create a series of blogs for both the school website design and the workplace learning side of their business.

Talking of getting under the skin, our project with the Ripon Chamber of Trade gave us the opportunity to do just that. Spending a couple of months quizzing the business people and influencers of Ripon was just what the Chamber needed to get an insight into the engagement of the city. Their latest events have been well attended and engagement has risen significantly since our efforts.

IFG Drake approached us with a need to improve their communications across the board. The business is well established and has a historical importance in West Yorkshire industry. Although the business itself had innovated over the years, the outward brand and appearance was that of a much more dated company. We plan to launch their new website in early 2018, and having already created amazing photography and video to reflect the expertise of this wonderful company, we look forward to spreading the word and continuing to work with them long into the future as their outsourced Marketing and PR department.

It’s not just corporate clients that have benefited from our video work – local Nicky’s Pre-School in West Tanfield commissioned a video which really brought the setting to life and is infinitely shareable across social media. They say ‘don’t work with children or animals’, but our lovely videographers did a fabulous job of keeping everyone in check (or vice versa, we weren’t quite sure!).

2017 saw Golden Frog’s first animated video an explainer for clients Red Kite IT – this has since provoked a few enquiries for us to do the same, animation can be an excellent way to promote a service-based product.

When we first met with Pure Innovations, they were in a bit of a pickle. They’d had an amazing website built, which looked great, but unfortunately their developer was less than forthcoming with making changes, and the site was static, with no links or blog, something which Google and other search engines consider as earmarking the site as operational, therefore boosting the rankings. When we finally tracked down their developer, the money he wanted to make some simple changes was ludicrous! We called upon our wonderful developers who re-made the site (at a lesser cost) to look similar, but with more back-end functionality, allowing all our work to have a positive impact on the company. Since we took over managing both the website updates and social media, the Google Analytics are speaking for themselves, and their sales team are finding that more people they approach have heard of the company, something which we can only attribute to our efforts.

As well as continuing our work with long-standing businesses, and taking on a whole range of new clients, Golden Frog also launched our own in-house graphic design team. With so much of what we do being visually-led, being able to bring this skill in-house allows us to offer even more to our clients.

So, with 2018 set to be a bumper year, we continue launching the beautiful homeware of Signature Copper, bring Halide’s launch to the aid of budding photographers, and introduce Doability’s relocation to Harrogate, to help the less able-bodied. Watch this space!

For more information on any of our services, or to see how we might help your business grow in 2018, please contact sarah@goldenfrogpr.co.uk or call us on 01765 605110

We will be closed from the 22nd December til the 3rd January, although we can’t help but check emails. Have a wonderful Christmas, and here’s to a prosperous 2018.

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