The Frog Files – Golden Guidance. How To Write The Perfect Press Release

We may be giving away trade secrets here, but we are as sick of receiving badly written sales-focused press releases as you are.
So here’s how to write a good one:

1) Imagine the type of press that you want the release to appear in, and consider what they write about. Read articles, consider the style and content and try to come up with something that has editorial merit to go alongside them.
2) Find a story. The fact that you’re an amazing company is not good enough. For example, you might want to consider a new product launch; a development within the industry that your company is leading the way in; a commentary about something amazing that has happened.
3) Stick to the basic principles of story writing. Namely who, what, when, where, how.
4) Who is writing the release? Start with the name of the company.
5) What is interesting about the story? Capture the interest of the reader in the first couple of lines otherwise you’ve lost them. What’s happened? Why should they be interested?
6) When did the event take place?
7) Where did it happen? The location could be relevant to the journalist.
8) How can they find out more? In Notes to Editors include contact details, web addresses, notes giving an overview of the company you’re talking about.
9) Don’t make it more than a page long in total – keep it brief.
10) Use the key facts and don’t feel the need to add superfluous language – avoid unnecessary adjectives.
11) Make sure to send it to the right place – more on that later.
12) If you need help, give us a call 01765 605110 or email

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