How To Distribute Your Press Release For Best Results.

There is nothing more annoying to a journalist, or likely to put your company in a worse light, that receiving constant contact about issues / news that don’t interest them. I spoke, for example, to a journalist yesterday who writes for a tattoo publication and keeps getting press releases and calls about holidays to Japan. Irrelevant, annoying, and time consuming.

So, here’s the key to creating the perfect media list and how to make the most of it. Assuming you have already created the perfect press release (see page 1 for info on that):

1) Imagine the type of press that you want the release to appear in, and consider what they write about. Do your research to ensure that your release is going to the most relevant publications.

2) Contact the publications and find out who the best person to send a release to is. Get their name, email address and phone number if you can.

3)  Depending on how many people you have on your list, it might be best to email them all individually. Copy and paste the content of the press release into the body of the email. Don’t include any attachments / images as these might hit firewalls. Include the title of the release (hopefully a catchy one) in the subject heading, and potentially a little personalised message introducing it: ie- Dear (their name), Please see below a release regarding our clients XX which we thought might interest you. Should you require any further information or any images to accompany it, please do get in touch. Kind regards (your name).

4) Whatever you do, do not call them a pet name – hon, love, darling, sweetheart etc are all off the list. And unless you know them well enough to kiss them if you saw them in person, do not put a kiss.

5) When the release has been sent, wait 24 hours, and if you haven’t heard anything, give them a call. Be friendly but professional, don’t be over familiar. Remind them of the release – if they haven’t seen it, offer to send it again. If they have and it’s of interest, ask if it fits with anything they might be working on editorially, and offer to send further information.

6) If they have requested further information / a re-send, wait another 24 hours and follow up again. In this call, ask when they think they might be able to publish something and in what format (print / online).

7) Make sure to keep an eye out for the piece, and don’t be afraid to continue to keep in touch with them via phone and email until you see your piece printed / online. Persistence (professionally) is key.

8)  Once your press is published, make the most of it. More on that later.

9)  If you need help, just don’t have the time to do all this, or would like us to utilise our immense journalist contact database to help you to build yours, give us a call 01765 605110 or email

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