Has PR been replaced by Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the buzz-phrase in the industry at the moment.

More and more we are seeing requests coming in wanting copy creation and blog writing. Once considered an add-on to the marketing function, the production of on-topic content is key to the success of any business wishing to raise its profile. But what is ‘inbound marketing’?

Put simply, inbound marketing is the creation of creative and original content which drives customers to a company. It is using the power of the internet to raise the profile of a company through various content types, such as blogs, videos, eBooks, newsletters, search engine optimisation, and social media.

It sounds like a lot, however, done properly, one piece of decent content can be translated across all of these platforms. For example, a well written blog post is put onto a website. It contains keyword rich text which fit with the SEO requirements and guidelines of the company. Its very presence shows Google that the website is live, and this boosts the website’s credentials in the eyes of the search engine. The more places that then link to this piece of content, the more Google sees the content (and the site in which it sits) as credible. So, links to the blog post might be put onto Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These links might then be shared, copied and posted by other users, showing that the content is credible and useful. The company might also decide to create a newsletter around the content, sending it out via email to a range of subscribers, who in turn might click the link and share the content. All of these activities make up the inbound marketing mix for that one specific piece of content.

The subtlety is creating the content that doesn’t sell the product or service of a company. It raises their profile through showing them as the experts, which means that they are in the forefront of peoples’ minds when they come to require a product or service.

Now… where did I read an article from someone who knew about Inbound Marketing? Perhaps it’s time to give them a call to discuss my needs – 01765 605110 or sales@goldenfrogpr.co.uk

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