The Frog Files – Golden Guidance. How to Conduct a Brand Audit

The visibility of your brand is key to the success of your business and to people having heard of your service or product. The bigger your business becomes, the more challenging it might be to keep control of where your brand is seen and how it is represented.

Sometimes it’s more effective to have someone else come and evaluate your brand for you, being too close to it can mean you don’t spot the obvious – this is where we can come in. We can also help you modernise your logos and branding, and help you to roll them out to all your company’s stakeholders. However if you want to do it yourself, here’s how:

  • Collect all physical branded items
  • Ask all suppliers / stockists to send you anything that has your brand associated with it
  • Print out web pages which feature your branding
  • Put them all next to each other. Compare for colour, fonts, sizes and positioning – is it all consistent?
  • If not, look at the one you like best. Can you create a standard out of this?
  • Who created this brand for you? Is it possible to ask them for a set of brand guidelines? By this we mean suggested pantone colours, fonts, sizes, positions etc. Can they send you an up to date version of your high res logo?
  • If you’re not happy with your brand, do you know a graphic designer or can we help you find someone to design you a new logo / brand?
  • Once happy, ensure that your brand guidelines are adhered to throughout your communications and branding. By this we mean on any printed materials, promotional gifts, social media, websites, letterheads, business cards, email signatures and so on
  • Send the high res logo to any of your partners / suppliers / stockists and ask them to use it in your specifically designed way from now on
  • Contact us about anything you haven’t been able to do out of the above – we’re more than happy to help with any aspect of it. 01765605110

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