How To Use Pinterest For Business

1. Ensure it’s right for your company. What are you selling/providing? Pinterest is a very visual platform, it tends to be a combination of DIY/Tutorials, recipes, ‘inspiration pictures’ and items for sale. Pinterest is great to build brand awareness for companies selling goods such as homeware or a yoga class, but there are better platforms for more corporate firms.
2. Set up a business account, not a personal account. This gives the ability to create a Pinterest Ad once the account has been established.
3. Good imagery. As previously mentioned, Pinterest is visual. It is important for companies to use clear, high resolution imagery to ensure it stands out for the right reasons. Low resolution or blurred images can often make a link look untrustworthy, making people less likely to click-through to your site.
4.  Set up a clearly branded page. Ensure the profile picture is your logo, keep your description of the company short but explanative and include your website address.
5. Create clearly defined ‘boards’. Pinterest works with ‘Boards’ and ‘Pins’. Think of it as virtual notice boards. Keep everything well organised across your page with appropriate headers and descriptions of the boards, this will make it easier for people to browse your page and save pins onto their own boards.
6. Create a ‘Save’ button on your website. If you sell products or your business writes blogs using infographics, these images can be saved directly from the website to other people’s boards.
7. Label your pins appropriately. Decide on the most important information to that picture (only a sentence or two) and label it as such.
8. Follow the right people. One way of getting people’s attention on Pinterest is to follow people. Every time someone follows you, you receive a notification saying who it is. Therefore, by following people who might be interested in the product you’re selling or business you’re running, you’re immediately drawing attention to the business. Although this can be time consuming (especially at the start), it’s worth doing to get initial traction.
9. Use your imagination. To stand out from the crowd, beautiful imaginative imagery and catchy infographics are necessary. Do the best you can do with the budget you have, but with smartphone cameras producing high-resolution images, there’s no excuse for a blurry photo.

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