How To Make The Most Of Press Coverage That You Receive

So you’ve written the perfect press release, you’ve followed it up with calls and emails and requests for further information, and there it is, the piece of stunning editorial that you have been waiting for.

Editorial content is hugely beneficial to your brand recognition and your reputation, but once it’s there, how do you make the most of it? The job is by no means done once the coverage is received – making the most of it and getting the maximum exposure out of the content is key to the value it adds to your business.

So, here’s what we do, and you can too

  • Ensure that you have multiple copies of the piece if it is in print media. Keep one for yourself and ensure that they are positioned in strategic places around your office – your reception is a good place where people will read articles whilst they are waiting. If it’s a really good editorial, you might want to consider framing it.
  • If the article is available online, then ensure that you link to it from all your social media channels. If possible, tag the person / publication who wrote it in the hope that they will further share it for you
  • Put a link to the article onto your own website.
  • If the article isn’t available online, then scan a copy and post it as a picture onto your social media, again if possible, tag the person / publication who wrote it
  • Contact any prestigious publications, and ask them if you can use their logo on your website – ‘as featured in …’
  • Contact the person who wrote the piece and thank them. Tell them everywhere that you had shared the piece and how great you think it is – they will be a lot friendlier next time!
  • Contact your database and let them know about the piece – use it as the backbone of a newsletter
  • If you need help, or just don’t have the time to do all this, give us a call 01765 605110 or email

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