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The Golden Frog lives on the banks of fast-flowing rivers and streams in Panama. As a result of its natural habitat it can’t be heard and so has developed a series of waves to communicate with mates and attackers. Like our namesake, Golden Frog stands for innovative communication. We help our clients, however small, to be visible, thereby raising their profile and enhancing their reputation.


We work for ‘small-to-medium’ sized enterprises across a variety of industries – contact us today to see how we can increase exposure of your brand.


Exhibitions and events require a huge investment to both attend and run. It is important to maximise on this investment, yet many companies don’t have the time, knowhow or skills to allow this.


Pre sales ground work can be a hard and daunting task for teams. By outsourcing to us clients ensure qualified leads, freeing time to actually sell.


The mileage from one video can be immense. Used on websites; at exhibitions; shared on social media; sent to clients instead of a brochure…


All for a fraction of the cost of an employee

We are both an in-house team, and an enormous network of tried and tested service providers, enabling us to provide a full service PR, Marketing and Sales operation. Our clients only ever liaise with us, and only ever receive one bill, this streamlines business and saves clients both time and money.

  • % of our work is paperless
  • % Of people understand a product Better after watching a video
  • % cheaper than hiring an average in-house member of staff (at least)
  • % of our work is digital

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